What happened in 2019…

Highlights from 2019

Phenomenal young women in the very beginning of 2019 was personally hard for me because I had a really small circle and I rarely branched out to meet others and socialise with other people. So coming from a small circle of friends, to walking up to people and telling them about phenomenal young women and promoting it to a brunch of young women I have never met before; personally, that was a challenge but I ended up liking it – walking up to people from my own school, seeing how their day was, and asking them if they would be interested in my after school program. It was easier for me to walk to the girls, and have a girl chat. It was fun.


In term 1, our first official day was the 18th of march and we did an ice breaker and got to know each other. We ate some food and I asked the girls what sort of activities they want from this program and what kind of skills do you want to gain from this program. The girls told me they would like a movie night, game days, sports activities, girl glam, self defence and a lot more. In term 1 we just really got to know each other so it didn’t feel awkward everything everyone came together. Our numbers were small to start with off the term we started off at 4 to 11 young women attended.


In term 2, phenomenal young women did a mother’s day gift making and us girls painted a mothers day cup for all our female loved ones that “we” see as our mothers and did a cute and loving card, homemade, representing our love for “our” mothers. We also made a Philippino dessert all together and our phenomenal young women loved it (they said). Our phenomenal young women organised and packed craft packs for some children at starship hospital. In term 2 our numbers ranged from 7 to 14 young women attended.


In term 3, phenomenal young women did an arts and craft day where we created some cute and fun masterpieces. We did a movie night and we watched Suffragette. It’s about the leaders of the women’s vote in the United Kingdom and the phenomenal young women said it was a bit intense but they loved the empowerment and motivation all those strong, independent life changing women’s stories cause it was raw and true. We did another arts and craft day because everyone loved it before. We ended the term with our first self defence session out of 4. In term 3 our numbers ranged from 15 -20 young women attended.


In term 4 we finished off our 3 self defence lessons. We did a movie night and watched Sextuplets and the phenomenal young women loved it. They said it was super funny. We finished the year with a big picnic. In term 4 our numbers ranged from 7 – 15 young women attended.

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