Panmure Library

Here are some examples of how we have activated the library in the past. Our local library loves to provide spaces for us young women to claim as our own!

Spoken Word:

A 2 hour workshop to help explore the art of written and spoken word. Guided to create our own piece of spoken word that we brought to life by performing it in the workshop.

Ei (Flower crown) making workshop:

Ei making workshop taught by a wonderful Phenomenal Young Women from our community, for those of us young women out there who love flowers and making beautiful things.

Zine making:

Bringing out our creative side through zine making!. Zines are do it yourself publications, they value individual expression, creativity, and have a punk aesthetic. They can be about anything from science fiction stories, comics, stories about yourself, political statements, philosophy, cats or just doodles. Have a go at making one!

Robotics and 3D printing:

An intro to the world of 3D printing and robotics. Having a go at using the 3D printer and bringing the robots to life.

Just Dance:

An opportunity to battle it out with our friends on the dance floor with Wii Just Dance. It’s so much fun to break out our Beyonce dance moves!


Singing our heart out and showing each other our best renditions of whatever song our heart desires.

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